The Packers and Mark Murphy

I have wanted to write a post about this, for a long time, especially after this Rodgers drama. I can’t stand Mark Murphy at all. My opinion is he is a scum bucket who is worthless. We wouldn’t be in this situation if he was not the president. I have looked into who he reports to and tried to figure out who can fire him. The only people that could fire Murphy are the board. They are too dumb and spineless to do something like that, even if it’s in the best interest of the team. The Packers are Structured moronically. There is no reason not to let the General manager negotiate the players’ contracts. For some stupid reason they have Russ Ball doing all contract deals.

How the Green Bay Packers sign a player is unique to the Packers. First Brian Gutekunst agrees to sign the player and decides how many years to give him, then he walks down the hall. The player then works out the money part of the contract with Russ Ball. Finally, after that he can get on the field and meet LaFleur to practice. The Packers don’t need Russ Ball. He is just costing the packers money instead, let Gutekunst deal with the money part of the contracts. If the Packers would do that, there would be more money to make Aaron Rodgers happy. Green Bay could also pay that money over more years so he would get the security too.

One thought on “The Packers and Mark Murphy

  1. Maybe this makes me not a very great Packer fan, but I think no organization should be held pass hostage by one person. It seems to me Rogers is having a hissy fit because Love was signed. I say good job Packers front office. And let the baby go. (Come to think of it, this principle applies to the Republicans. They have a baby who’s trying to keep the organization hostage. I say let that baby go too.)

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