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I wanted to do a post about Paul Chryst today and what I think of him. Paul has been the head coach since 2015. He has a record of 56-19 at Wisconsin. The Badgers are always in contention for the BIG Ten Championship every year. They have been in the top twenty five at then end of the year, in all but two years. Paul Chryst’s recruiting classes the last two years have been in the top 25. No other coach at Wisconsin has done this well. It seems like he is getting one five star offensive lineman every year. We can’t forget about getting multiple four star players. If you look back in the history of Wisconsin coaches, since 1990 and what stars they recruited, it’s a lot different.

Barry Alvarez, he got one and three stars mainly. Brett Bielema was able to recruit three and four stars with maybe one five star. Gary Anderson in the one year was able to get mostly four stars but not as well educated as the others. The highest rank Wisconsin had before Chryst was in the fifties. Paul is averaging in the thirties. Big jump I say. Coach Chryst is also one of three coaches in Big Ten history to win ten games in each of his first three seasons. The list of coaches are Fielding Yost of Michigan in 1901-1904, Urban Myer of Ohio State 2012-2015, and Paul Chryst 2015-2018. The Bottom line is Paul Chryst is one of the best Coaches out there today and I am glad he is coaching for us and not Pittsburgh.

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  1. This will be a big year for him. Needs to break through and win a Big Ten Championship game, to really be one of the greats.

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