NO Harden No Kyrie No Problem?

The Bucks and Nets are tied after four games 2-2. Now heading back to Brooklyn the Nets are down Harden and Irving. The Bucks are in a no win situation. If they win people will say but, Kyrie and James didn’t play; but if they lose it’s because they aren’t a good team. Game five is an important game for both sides. The Bucks win, they are in the driver’s seat, since game six is in Milwaukee. The Nets win, they are still the favorites to win the East. Now let’s talk about what the Bucks have to do to win game five. They need PJ Tucker guarding Kevin Durant like he has done in game three and four. Giannis and Kris need to make their shots. Finally, the Bucks need great play out of Jrue Holiday. The nets are down to just Kevin Durant and role players.

The Nets need to get big games from Joe Harris, Jeff Green, and Blake Griffin. Kevin Durant is going to get his points there’s no doubt about it. Who will be that second option? The one thing that could throw a wrench into game five is if James Harden some how does play. If that happens Holiday, or Middletown, or even both have to be on Harden like a glove. The Bucks should win if they don’t have Harden or Kyrie. If Harden plays they still should win but it will be harder.

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