In Green Bay they started mandatory OTA’s. Aaron Rodgers will participate this year. Last year he skipped them. Alan Lazard did not show up today. People are wondering if he wants out of Green Bay or is he working on an extension. I hope it’s the second option, because he is our number one receiver. These three days are going to be really important this year, since we have so many new receivers.

Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs need to form chemistry with Rodgers. They have only been working with Love and the other back up’s, so far. Aaron understands that he needs to build chemistry with these new guys. This is the time to get to know each other too, so when fall camp starts they are ready. A reporter cited what Rodgers said about Adams, ” I am going to miss him, but he has to do what is best for himself”.

Overall, this is just one step to becoming a better team, but it’s the first. I am happy that Rodgers showed up, because of all the new targets. He also has a 50,000 dollar bonus in his contract, if he participate in OTA’s. Let’s hope they make the most out of these practices.


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