Friday night the Packers take on the 49ers. This is the first game without Davonte Adams. Jordan Love is getting the start, because they don’t think Aaron needs to play. Some people disagree, because of all the new receivers. If Aaron would play, we would finally see the chemistry between the young guys. We also need to figure out the starting five on the offensive line. It’s very important for Jordan Love to get game reps. He is only one play away from starting, if Rodgers gets injured.

The Packers know what they have with Aaron and are not clear with Love. Matt Lafleur said last year that Jordan was not ready to be the starting quarterback. Packer fans did not want to hear that, but the truth hurts sometimes. The 49ers have gotten the best of Green Bay in the playoffs. If you look at the record we have against San Fransisco in the preseason and regular season, we are better. All Packers fans are hoping to see Jordan not make mistakes in the red zone like last preseason. The last game Love played he performed decent expect inside the twenties.

He needs to get smarter with the football in the other teams side of the field. If he does that, Green Bay will be fine. Now with less than twenty four hours till the game, let’s hope Jordan Love has improved under Tom Clements.

Go Pack Go!!!

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