Last week Wisconsin added a second transfer quarterback from SMU. Tanner Mordecai started his college carrier at Oklahoma, before transferring to SMU in 2021. He was a four star coming out of high school. When he got to Oklahoma, he was the back up to Kyler Murray and then to Spencer Rattlier. Tanner saw the writing on the wall, that he was not going to get any playing time for the Sooners. In 2021, he took his talents to SMU to play for Sunny Dykes. Mordecai threw for 3,628 yards and 39 touchdowns. The next year he threw for 3,524 and 33 touchdowns.

He is the projected starter for Wisconsin next year. The Badgers have a deep quarterback room for the 2023 season, something we haven’t had in a very long time. Nick Evers seems ok not starting, which is good to see since he is our future. Wisconsin fans should be very excited about our quarterback room. It has a lot of experience and a lot of potential in it. Tanner Mordecai is a six year senior, just like Chase Wolf. The time line works perfectly. Wisconsin has a good experienced quarterback for Fickell’s and Longo’s first year. This gives Nick time to learn the system, so in 2024 he can run it well.


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