On Thursday night Green Bay restructured Aaron Jones. he is now making 11 million next year instead of the 20 million he was owed. We still don’t know what is happening with Rodgers. Either way Green Bay needed to restructure a lot of players since, the Packers are over the salary cap.The next player to rework his contract is going tobe David Bakhtari. If they can’t work out a deal, Green Bay will need to release him. Hopefully Rodgers did some thinking at the dark retreat he went to. The sooner the better for him to give the Packers an answer. He did say at the end of the season he will decide before free agency. it’s funny that we are having drama with Rodgers since, he said he wasn’t going to be like Brett Farve. It sure looks like he is pulling a Farve. Green Bay has to make a decsion on what to do with Jordan Love and his fifth year option. Aaron Jones told a reporter he is very impress with, what Love does in practice. If the Packers hit on Jordan every team should take notes because they will have only three quarterback for forty plus years. There has been no other franchise that can say that about their team.

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