At the end of the season aaron said he was going to make a decsion. The season ended in Feburary and it’s now March and the NFL new season starts in two days. Last week he came out from his five day dark retreat where he was going to figure what’s next. Two days ago Mark Murphy was at a womens basketball tournament and was interviewed.Mark simply said he doesn’t see Rodgers returning to Green Bay and wants the best for Aaron Rodgers moving on. If the Packers can’t find a trade partner for him they would welcome him back and he would be the starter.

Jordan Love has been in the NFL for three years sitting behind Mr. Rodgers. the same amount of time Aaron sat behind Brett Favre. It looks like he Aaron is going to be traded to the Jets like Brett was after his Packer carrier. This was the first year that the front office and coaching staff both said Jordan is ready.

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