In the summer of 2008, Brett Favre retired. Aaron Rodgers was named the starting quarterback from that point. Favre then had a change of heart and said he wanted to come back. It was too late, so the Packers traded him to the Jets. Now in 2023 the Packers are ready to move on and start Jordan Love. Rodgers still wants to play and again the Jets want our quarterback. It has been reported that the Packers want multiple first round draft picks in return for Aaron. In reality, I think they can get this years first round at best. The more realistic draft capital they could get is the Jets 2nd and 3rd round this year and maybe the 2nd next year. A lot of Packer fans want the 13th overall pick this year.

Allan Lazzard signed with the Jets already. There are reports they will sign Randall Cobb and Mercedes Lewis after Rodgers is traded. The trade seems like it’s a done deal, once they agree on terms. There is no way Aaron will play for Green Bay again, because of how the front office treated him. I think that Brian Gutenkunst and Mark Murphy were tired of Rodgers holding them in limbo with his decision every year.

Aaron was drafted by a totally different front office, which is one of the reasons they want him out. Mark Murphy has to retire in three years, when he turns seventy, according to the Packers bylaws. He wants to leave with his prints all over the organization.

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