Wisconsin hired Mike Hastings to be their next head coach. Mike has won 299 games at Minnesota State. He also won a least twenty one games the last eleven seasons. Tony Granado has only two winning seasons in the last seven years. The Badgers always recruit well, so there should be no reason Tony couldn’t have those numbers. Wisconsin has won the third most NCAA championships in the BIG TEN with six. When I watched the press conference he reminded me of Barry Alvarez’s press conference. If he can rebuild the hockey program like Barry did, with the football program we have a home run hire.

This is the second hiring Chris Macintosh has had to make in 2023. Most fans say he hit it out of the ball park twice. Chris has been on the job for not even two years. Now Hastings has to go out and put a competitive well coach team on the ice. Mike said he took the job for many reasons, but one was the tradition at Wisconsin. He also said you better get tickets now because they soon will be gone, just like Barry did in 1990. All hockey fans should be excited and happy Wisconsin got a proven winner, as their coach.


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