This Saturday Wisconsin travels to Washington to take on WSU. Washington State beat the Badgers last year. Wisconsin out gained them in yards and most every stats of the game. The one stat they did not win was the points and that is the most important stat of all. We are going into the game with a lot of new faces and new offensive and defensive schemes. It will be very interesting to see how our defense does against their offense, since we run a fast tempo too. I am also curios to see how our new offense works against their defense. Wisconsin was able to control their quarterback a little last year but that was last year. He is suppose to be very mobile which is something all of our quarterbacks posses.

Tanner Mordecai play ok last week but WSU is better than Buffalo. He is going to need to play a lot better . Wisconsin fans got a glimpse of that last week.The Dou of Allen and Mellusi need to perform like they did last week. If they do that and Mordecai plays well we will win.

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