Now that the Packers are 6-6 with six weeks to go, is Jordan Love the next great Packers quarterback? Jordan had a great first game against the Bears. He was still able to say that Green Bay owns Chicago. The next few weeks were difficult to watch if you were a Packers fan, but ever since the LA Chargers win Love has been on fire. Nobody saw Green Bay beating Detroit on the road Thanksgiving Day. Jordan Played really well in that game and got some people’s attention. As week thirteen came, there were people doubting if Love could beat the almighty Mahomes. Everybody who watched the Sunday night football game saw how well he played and controlled that game. We had control of that game from the very beginning.

The biggest difference in the start of the season till now, is how much our wide receivers have grown and how much confidence Jordan has in them. If he keeps up how he has been playing, I have no doubt Green Bay is in the playoffs. Before the season started fans were hoping to finish with a 500 record. It is amazing to see how different fans and experts are viewing the Packers. They have a 65% chance to get into the playoffs as of this minute. We are starting to see what Brian Gutekunst saw in him coming out of Utah State.

I know Jordan has only started in a total of 13 games. Twelve this year and one back when Rodgers was out with covid, but I think we are seeing a great quarterback starting to form. Packers fan can’t say they hit on Love yet, but there are sure signs that are showing. Let’s all hope Jordan keeps improving like he has been for the last few weeks. If he does keep getting better, I don’t think there is a question that he will be a great Packer quarterback.

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