Now that the calendar has turned to May let’s ask the question “Will the Milwaukee Brewers make the playoffs?”. The Brewers have looked better than advertised, this year, after losing Craig Counsell to the CUBS. I know quite a lot of Brewers fans had questions about how Pat Murphy would do managing the team. Some people forget he was Craig Counsell’s coach at Notre Dame. Other teams call the Brewers “the bad boys of baseball” this year. They have been in a few brawls this year.

Milwaukee has been able to get hits at key points. The bullpen is in the top half of the league and the starters are not too bad either. Willy Adames is having a good year. It seems like ever since he got here he has done well. Jackson Chiurio has played okay. His defense has been really good and his bat is hit or miss depending on the day. When Devon Williams went down early for the season nobody knew how the back of the bullpen would perform. The answer so far is well.

Now that the Brewers have played a few games, I am confidant to say, they will make the playoffs. The Brewers are a young team and those are the teams that don’t know any better and just play. There is still a long way until October, but I don’t see any reason why they can’t make it to the playoffs. If you look at the rest of the division everyone, except for the Cubs, are not that good this year. I am going out on a limb and saying the Brewers win the Central.

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