Sunday night Milwaukee beat Chicago 93-86 in the first game of the series. Milwaukee came out fast and lead by sixteen in the first quarter. Chicago came back in the second half and took the lead but it didn’t last long. Giannis came back into the game showed his dominance. This was the first playoff experience for most of the Chicago Bulls. Kris Middleton and Jrue Holiday did not play their usual game but it was ok since Brook Lopez picked up the slack. Brook looked like he did last year on the way to the title.

Chicago has some nice players on the team which could potentially pose a problem for the Bucks. Alex Caruso was the biggest pain in the rear end Sunday. Caruso hates the Bucks and calls them the dirtiest team in the NBA. Grayson Allen fouled him earlier this year in the air and he fell down and broke his arm. Nikola Vucevic had a great game but I think he won’t have another game like that but if he does we showed we can still win. The last guy who had a good game was DeMar DeRozan who has the most experience in the playoff with his time in Toronto.

Overall the Bucks play a decent game and still won. They are going to have to get more from Holiday and Middleton in the rest of the games. The one big take away I got was that the Bucks can win even if they are not playing their best. If any team wants to win a championship you are going to be able to win these type of games. I know it has only been one game but I am predicting a sweep this round.


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