Wisconsin got another wide receiver, Bryson Green. He played his first two seasons at Oklahoma State. Bryson caught 36 passes, for 585 yards and 5 touchdowns, last season. This is the fourth wide receiver from the transfer portal this year. They all all have multiple years of eligibility left . The Badgers now have a very deep and talented wide receiver room. I would put our players against any of the other Big Ten rosters for next year.┬áThere are some people saying that Bryson Green will be the number one wide receiver. Green has proven he can take contact and still gain yards, that is something Wisconsin desperately needs, playing in the Big Ten. Most of the Big Ten schools have hard hitting linebackers and defensive backs. If you want to gain yards you have to be able to take the contact, which Bryson was very good doing that at Oklahoma State last season. Overall, I think coach Fickell has done a great job on paper adding to the receiver room, but let’s see it on the field.

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