It was reported that John Wall wants to be a Buck. I would be ok with signing him only if he gets back to the young John Wall. The present John Wall is not always the best player with his additude. It wouldn’t hurt to get guard depth since we traded Hill at the trade deadline. The Bucks do have two open roster spots. It would be smart to add guard depth and an other wing player since, we traded Jordan Norwa too. I will have a hard time rooting for him though, because he went to school at Kentucky. Any Wisconsin fan remembers what Kentucky players said about Badger players during the final four. Badgers and Bucks fan has experience with this problem because of Grayson Allen. I guarnetee there is no Badger fan likes Grayson Allen because of the national championship game against Duke. Overall I think it would be good to sign a guard ftrom the buyout market but, I am not sure it should be Wall. If they do sign Wall I guess we have to hope he plays well so, we can win another NBA Championship.

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